Located in the St. Vartan Park, this preschool is a beautiful and unique first school for your child. Created as a parent-participatory program, our preschool provides the opportunity for parents to accompany and grow with their children through their first few years of educational life (eighteen months – five years).

Sponsored by the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation in 1998, The St. Vartan Preschool was created by a mother with a dream of what she wanted for her child – a joyful place for children to grow, learn, and socialize, all while being accompanied by their most important teachers, their parents. Twenty years later, under Miss Stefanie’s careful guidance, this affordable preschool continues to offer an alternative to traditional preschool programs. Participating parents are encouraged to take turns leading storytime and plan art projects for the children.

Connected to the school is a pristine garden where the children can run freely. They can experience the planting and blooming of many flowers in the spring, catch rays of sunshine in the summer, rake leaves in the fall, and make snow angels in the winter! Spread out beneath four beautiful magnolia trees, this garden is a true gem. In 2009 it was named The Most Beautiful Garden For The Month of April in NYC! Also included are multiple age-appropriate field trips throughout the year. The St. Vartan Preschool students and involved parents are provided with a rich education within a loving and happy environment to grow together!

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
–Benjamin Franklin

St. Vartan Preschool
617 First Avenue at 35th Street
New York, NY 10016

“You can do things when you’re six that you can’t do when you’re three like my little sister is. One thing is ice skate I guess, which I’ve done like maybe two times. I fell down a lot and it felt kinda frustrating because it’s kinda frustrating when you keep falling but you have to keep your eyes open even if you’re scared. On the fifth or seventh time around I didn’t even fall and I even did a fancy twirl jump but not in real life just in my imagination.”

Student, age 6

My son and I have loved this parent-child program at St. Vartan Preschool since the first day that we attended when he was two years old until few weeks ago when he started kindergarten at five.  I have treasured everyday in that space knowing that this would be the most special time in our lives. It has not disappointed me. I have enjoyed being by his side and seeing how he has developed into the boy that he is today and I am so pleased.

Being able to take this time with my son has been a luxury and because time flies, I will never regret sharing this phase with him. There is nothing that I would recommend more.  This place is a jewel, so natural, so nurturing and loving, so stimulating but calming… This is all they need in this phase of their lives and Stefanie has put her heart and soul in to make sure that these attributes remain and become even deeper, especially in this society where rush and stress are the norm.  I consider myself the luckiest parent to have found Stefanie and her parent-child program at Saint Vartan’s.

A Parent